xt 100 / xt 130 (xt/fa/fc)
MarkerReferenceDesignation Retail price Excl. VATStatus partQty
151460040 VISION CONSOLE PSI DPB Available for sale
2683953 083953 | 983953 | 52590060BALL BRACKET Available for sale
357280060 ROTULE CONSOLE VISIONArticle not created
450500440 BOITE DE CONNEXION DPB POLYVRAC Available for sale
551000390 CABLE DE LIAISON VISION Available for sale
656690110 PRISE FEMELLE 12V COBOArticle not created
756690140 PRISE MÂLE 12V COBO [720855]Article not created
851480090 COFFRET DE RANGEMENT [985072]Article not created
951000290 CABLE D'ALIMENTATION LG 2.50 M Available for sale
1051000270 CABLE D'ALIMENTATION BATTERIE Available for sale
1159000700 VÉRIN ÉLECTRIQUE (SANS CÂBLE)Article not created
1251000240 CABLE DE PUISSANCE LG 5 M Available for sale
1351000250 CABLE RETOUR SIGNAL POTENT LG 5M Available for sale
1451090060 12 V CONNECTION Available for sale
1552110160 WIN PROTECTION Available for sale
1661580020 ECROU FREIN H M4 INOXArticle not created
1761610220 WASHER XT 100 Available for sale
1851000340 POWER CABLE Available for sale
1952570120 FUSIBLE 40 AArticle not created
2051000400 POWER CABLE Available for sale
2150500420 MULTIPRISE 3 BROCHES COBO [983833]Article not created
22722022 5206009050-PIN LOCK WITH CAP SCREW Available for sale
23722021 520601009-PIN LOCK WITH CAP SCREW Available for sale
24721903 56690150MALE RS 232 PLUG Available for sale
2561540880 VIS CBL Z M4 X 20 INOXArticle not created
2661550020 ECROU HU 4 INOXArticle not created
2750500460 BOÎTIER COMMANDE A LEDS [983677]Article not created
2857780130 SUPPORT COMMANDE [950228]Article not created
2957780120 SUPPORT BOÎTIER [722163]Article not created
3060540860 VIS CBL Z ST5,5 x 16 ZN 6 C FEArticle not created
3161910010 RIVET POP 4 X 12 INOXArticle not created
3271190040 FLEXIBLE PIPE Available for sale
3347250363 DEMI RONDELLE DE DÉTECTIONArticle not created
3451520150 DETECTEUR INDUCTIF (10M) Available for sale
3571170020 CAOUTCHOUC 25 x 3Article not created
3661040010 VIS H M6 X 20 INOXArticle not created
3761530080 VIS STHC M10X10 BOUT CUVETTE INOX Available for sale
3852110240 EMBOUT RONDArticle not created
3955330050 CAN MODUL Available for sale
40688086 988086 | 50062010 | 088086ADHESIVE DO NOT WELD Available for sale
4156800020 PASSE FIL UNIVERSEL [721678]Article not created
4261040050 TH BOLT M6X30 STAINLESS Available for sale
4361610040 STAINLESS WASHER DIM.6 Available for sale
4461580040 ECROU FREIN M6 INOX Available for sale
4556690160 PRISE 7 PLOTS FEMELLE [720327]Article not created
4656690170 PRISE 7 PLOTS MÂLE [720326]Article not created
4751300110 CARTE SD 2GB + LECTEUR [983979]Article not created